The house in which the Piirissaar Old Believers' Museum is located belonged to Kirill Smirnov, the clergyman of the Saare village congregation.

Smirnov was born on Piirissaar on 22 June 1904. He was very active in the Old Believers' congregation in Saare village from a young age.

In 1927 he graduated from the Old Believers' Cleric School in Rīga. He took part in all Old Believers' meetings.

From 1946 until his death in 1976, Smirnov was the only clergyman of the Saare village congregation.

At present the house is owned by Smirnov's granddaughter; it was on her initiative that the first museum on Piirissaar was established and opened here in 2016.

What is there to see and do at the Old Believers' museum?

  • The permanent exhibition provides an overview of the culture of the island’s Old Believers.
  • Temporary exhibitions and displays are organised.
  • The museum has an outdoor area where you can enjoy tea from a samovar with the island's famous sugar.